Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where should we shoot?

I have lists I have complied for Winter and Summer sessions. I will email you this list so you have an idea of the different locations. For short sessions, I keep those to the Breck/Blue River area. 


2. What time do you do your sessions?

Mostly in the evening. I do not want you looking into the sun, as you will be squnity. In the winter, we have to also consider the reflection off the snow which can be very bright. I can shoot early if you really want to do that, but it has to be really early. Sunrise early! 


3. How will you deal with my kids?

I have learned a lot over the years, being a mom myself. This is very age dependent. Sometimes I tell jokes, other times i put a stuffed animal on my head! I have some toys that I bring with me to sessions. These are toys that I feel look good in pictures. Such as a wooden truck. If a kid just isn't having it then we have fun. We will play ring around the rosie, run towards mom and dad, etc...


4. What if it rains?

I always tell people to try and plan for the beginnning of your trip in case we have bad weather. Typically rain here is short lived. It may storm at 4pm and the sun is shining at 6pm. I will watch the weather and if it looks bad for our scheduled time, I will contact you and see what our options are. That could be a different day or shooting earlier before the rain hits. 


5. What is your style?

My editing style is true to color. My shooting style is a mix of candid and looking at the camera. 


6. Do you charge a deposit to reserve a session?

Yes. I do a 25% despoit to reserve the day and time you are requesting. 


7. Is the deposit refundable?

The desposits are non refundable. This because I have held this date for your session and may have turned down other sessions. If  for some reason your vacation plans change, I will see if I can rebook your date. If I can then I will offer a refund on your depsoit. If for some reason I had to cancel (illness, etc...) I will refund your despoit. 


8. Do I have to choose which package I want before my session?

No you do not! You can wait until you see your gallery to decide which package you would like to do. If you decide you would just want a few extra images that is fine too. I am pretty flexible. 


9. What about mornings? My kids do better in the morning.

I get it! I am a mom. My kids are getting older, but I remember those days of them being young. The problem with mornings, is that you are typically looking into the sun if you want a mountain view. This causes people to get squinty. To avoid this, that usually means shooting super early! Like sunrise early! If you are looking at a winter session, that also means very cold tempertures. I can shoot in the late morning, if you don't want a mountain view. We can stick to pine trees, aspens tress, maybe some water, etc... 


10.What about clothes? What should we wear? Do you have any recommendations for outfits for little girls?

I usually tell people to pick a color scheme you like and go with that.  For instance maybe you like pink and greys. Do consider the high altitude here. Even though its summer it can be really cool, esepecailly those higher eleavtions (like blue lakes). I like to tell people to have a sweater or a jean jacket on hand. Also consider your background at your location. Some places (Rainbow Lakes for instance) have a lot of greenery in the summer. So you may not want to wear a green dress, but something that looks good against green. In the winter, you have a lot of white in your backdrop. So if you dress in a lot of black your pictures may look a bit monochrome. If you prefer something that contrasts the white snow, then go for some colors. 

Yes I have some places that I like for outfits for litle girls:

Oopsie Daisy



I have more information about the seasons and how to dress on my blog:


11. How long will it take to get out photos

I like to say 2 weeks, but there are times of year that I get super busy and it take me more like 3-4 weeks. See the next question to know when those busy times are. 


12. When are your busy seasons?

Typically I get busy from mid June - mid August. Then again from Thanksgiving to New Years. 


13. Will you shoot at our Airbnb?

I will be brutally honest. I hate shooting at rentals. Why? I cant check out the lighting ahead of time, I don't always have that gorgeous mountain backdrop, the spaces are typically small for the amount of people I am working with, and I dont have the space to be really creative. The amount of times I've shot at rentals I usually walk away feeling like those pictures could have been so much better. 



What else should I add to this list? Email me your questions.